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    h264 asynchron after rendering


      dear community,


      I have recently bought Adobe Premiere Elements 11 to cut recorded TV program. It was recored from DVB-C via Terrratec H5 Stick using Terratec Home Cinema.


      First i tried cutting t with 2 different free programs, Smart Cutter and Avidemux. Smart Cutter always crashed during the process. Using Avidemux I always got asynchron video and sound (beginning was synchron, got more and more asynchron until I had a shift of 2 seconds at the end of the film!).


      Now with Adobe Premiere Elements 11 for Windows I have the same problem after cutting off the beginning and the end (with the same video file I have an approximately shift of 45 seconds, sound is 45 seconds slower). I tried out different players (VLC, Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center), all having the same problem. Before rendering Premiere Elements plays it perfectly synchron.


      input file:

      Typ: MPEG-film (TS-File, H.264)

      Size: 7,2 GB

      Resolution: 1280x720

      Framerate 50,00

      Audio: 48000 Hz - compressed - stereo

      Length: 1:57:35:15

      Average datarate: 1,0MB/second

      Pixel-ratio: 1,0



      export settings:

      Typ: MPEG2

      Resolution: 1280x720

      Framerate 50 fps

      TV-Standard: NTSC

      Audio: Dolby Digital, 448 Kbit/s, 48 Hz



      After investing into Adobe software and rendering for 45 minutes (with Intel i7 2600k) I would have expected to get a perfectly synchron result.



      I would be very pleased if you could help me find a solution.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          A number of people have reported similar problems when trying to edit video from a DVR -- and it only gets more challenging when the video is run through a third-party program like Terratec Home Cinema.


          There really is no pretty solution here. I would very much recommend against using Premiere Elements for this process.


          Doesn't Terratec come with its own editing software?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Is the OOS (Out Of Sync) static, or dynamic?


            It seems to almost be a given, that if a DVR device (TiVo, DirectTV, etc.), or a capture card, such as a Turtle Beach, Hauppage, etc., is involved, the resulting file will loose sync. However, such as with the Turtle Beach, that loss of sync is static, and easily corrected with but an unlinking of the Audio from the Video, and then a nudge on the Audio Clip, the number of Frames that constitute the OOS.


            This article goes into more detail on correcting OOS: http://forums.adobe.com/message/1982330#1982330


            Good luck, and let us know a bit more about your OOS issue.



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              Asembler1387900 Level 1

              Thanks for the fast replies!



              I tried rendering again. It is syncron now. The only thing I changed was the Bit-Rate-Coding. Now i used VBR 2-Pass instead of 1-Pass.

              Another possible reason for the OOS may be that I didn't restart the PC after installing PE (as I was asked).

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                The 2-pass probably allowed the program to vary the Bit-Rate per the Video footage with more percision, rather than the general 1-pass method, that got close, but was still a bit off related to the CBR Audio.


                The good news is that you now have it, where you want it.


                Happy editing,



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                  Asembler1387900 Level 1

                  Now another issue occured. Another film (h264,720p, Audio: AC3, Foramt: TS) has a problem with its audio track while cutting with PE11. The commercial is normal, but when the actual film starts, vioces are hardly or not hearable while the background music and the rest of the sound track is hearable normally. VLC and WMP play the film normally.


                  Has everyone already experienced a smiilar problem?

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                    Asembler1387900 Level 1

                    I've just found a solution! Using the freeware XMedia Recode to reencode the audio stream of the video. Afterwards PrE has no problem handling the AC3 audio, it's pefectly synchronous.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      The commercial likely only contained a 2-channel (Stereo) Audio Stream, where the program content contained DD 5.1 SS in DD AC3. It sounds like you were (before you ran it through XMedia Recode) only getting the LS (Left Surround) and RS (Right Surrond), or rear channels only. Most dialog is fed to the Center channel, with some to LF (Left Front) and RF (Right Front).


                      Though not in video editing, I have encountered such with a home theater system, which fed Audio to a separate amp and speakers in another room - only the LS and RS channels were being fed from the receiver. To correct that, I had to replace that receiver with one that had a full second stage. In my case, the Center channel was completely missing, with little, if any LF & RF - only LS & RS.


                      Glad that you found a solution, and posted that.


                      Good luck,