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    flash player auto update failure


      I get the flash player update message about once a week telling me to update the flash player. when I try to run the update at the end I get the message : "Flash Player Help / Crash when leaving browser page | Flash Player   "   this link leads me to a web page telling me how to disable the realplayer browser addon. Thing is I uninstalled Realplayer months ago. They updated their player, I tried it and found it buggy and unusable and uninstalled it that same day. I never installed a browser addon and can only assume realplayer did that in the background. realplayer does not show up in my remove programs list, I searched my registry and could find no entries, and I even did a search  of my hard drive and just found an empty "realplayer downloads" folder. I followed the procedure listed on the website I was referred to, but Realplayer plugin is not listed in my IE plugins.  I can't install your updated player because your installer "thinks" I have the plugin installed. how do I resolve this?