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    Need help designing form input options

    BSisson Level 1
      I am trying to design an electronic replacement for a Paper form set.
      The Problem is the Forms are extremely rich in choices, and I haven't figured out how to replicated the ease of use yet.

      The Forum ate the image I posted here.  The original post was in FORMS and can bee seen at "http://forums.adobe.com/message/5213573#5213573"

      The Above is one section of one page, I have 16 full pages of choices like this.
      As you can see in this single Item...What type pipe material can have multiple choices, or combinations. I really don't want to use a pull down as it would be really messy with 16+ choices and the user couldn't "see" all of the choices easily. Individual Radio Buttons is an option, but a (really) messy one.
      Note that the next line (Deterioration) would have 32 combination/choices... as you can see pull downs would quickly get out of control. Radio buttons would work, but would require lots more space on the page.
      There has to be a way to replicate the "circle the option" idea in an electronic form


      Please note that the Completed Form -IS- the final product, it is not uploaded to anything. It is to be printed as the final product.
      Items with a note (2) will trigger a entry on the "Summary" page for additional info.
      I need to eventually replace this form set with an electronic one, but am having problems building the forms up.
      Any ideas or suggestions are welcome....