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    Don't understand the workflow in e-commerce


      Is there a place to see the backend of an online store working, or to see how it's supposed to be set up? My previous experience with shipping cart systems is that once the order is placed, it gives you the ability to change the status of the order, from something like "processing" to "shipped" or maybe "In Progress". Once you change it to "Shipped", it updates the customer via email and it takes the order off any WIP reports.


      I setup the online store in a dummy company, and ordered something from it, using "COD" for payment, then I went to see how all that worked. I can't see anything that moves the order through the process to the end. It looks like that might be something I have to setup with workflows. Is that correct? If not, how does the order go from a new order to a shipped order?


      I'm sure it does it or can do it, I just don't understand the way it all works. A tutorial or demo would be great, but I haven't been able to locate one.

      Thanks in advance for any help!