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    how to create a component in eclipse ?

    HarishDv Level 1

      Hi all ,


      I want to create form upload component which is already existing in libs/foundation.


      I found five files namely


      1 content.xml
      2 cq_edit_config.xml
      3 upload.jsp
      4 icon.png
      5 dialog.xml


      in my local instance (where cq5 is installed).I copied these files and placed them in the source code which is being used by eclipse.



      But doing so i am getting error in upload.jsp .The error is as follows.



      An error occurred at line: 29 in the jsp file: /apps/myProject/components/form/upload/upload.jsp
      The method printTitle(String, String, boolean, Writer) in the type LayoutHelper is not applicable for the arguments (String, String, boolean, boolean, JspWriter)
      27:     final String title = FormsHelper.getTitle(resource, "");
      28:     %><div class="form_row">
      29:         <% LayoutHelper.printTitle(id, title, required, hideTitle, out); %>
      30:         <div class="form_rightcol"><input id="<%=id %>" class="<%= FormsHelper.getCss(properties, "form_field form_field_file") %>" name="<%= name %>" type="file" size="37" <%= (width.length()>0?"style='width:"+width+"px;'":"") %>></div>
      31:     </div><%
      32:     LayoutHelper.printDescription(FormsHelper.getDescription(resource, ""), out);



      Can anyone provide insights as to how to get this component working in eclipse .



      Thanks in advance .

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          CQDarren Level 1

          Hi HarishDv,


          During my training I was advised (and prefer) to use the different tools for different aspects of CQ... I do the component front end work in CRXDE as it has all the tools for the job, and the eclispe(STS in fact) in conjunction with VLT and SVN.  My eclipse is synchronised with CQ and I use it create/deploy my OSGI bundles.  Hopefully one day there will be a nice eclipse plugin :-)


          I copied the upload component into my app using CRXDE and it works fine for me. 


          What is you development structure and are you going to customize the upload component?