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    Images look different switching between Library and Develop (Lr4.4)

    NeilPeelington Level 1


      Images look different switching between Library and Develop.

      The export version is the Library version. That means I cannot predict when editing in Develop module what the export will look like.

      This isn't a calibration issue or about previewing images in other software, my monitor is fine.

      This isn't about other software... you can clearly see here the difference between the two module views at 1:1.

      I have discarded all previews and rendered 1:1 previews again.


      I see literally dozens of reports of this problem on various internet forums dating back to 2011, but I haven't found a solution.


      I am running Windows 7 and have no problems in any other software.


      I would really appreciate any help you have, because this is making my work impossible.

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