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    Creative Cloud Connection will not sign in

    lumenmedia Level 1

      Yesterday all my Adobe Creative Cloud apps were running great.  Today Creative Cloud Connection will not sign in, and none of them will even start. 


      I sign in without a problem on the Adobe Creative Cloud website.


      Whenever I try to start CS 6 app, Adobe Application Manager starts instead and simply jumps in the dock for about 5 minutes then stops. I have let it alone for up to an hour, but it does nothing and I force quit it.


      I downloaded AdobeCreativeSuiteCleanerTool and ran that, targeting CS 6 and Creative Cloud sets.  That did nothing to solve my problem.


      What is going on?


      I run OS X Lion and my network connection is working flawlessly.

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          Arpit Kapoor Adobe Employee

          Did you make any software/hardware change on your machine yesterday after which you are facing the issue?


          Have you actually tried rebooting the machine? If not, lets try that and check.


          Run the CS6 uninstaller from Utilities->Adobe Installers folder and then run the adobe cleaner tool.


          Download AAM from the below link and try installing the applications and check if they work fine.



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            lumenmedia Level 1

            Rebooting: yes, of course.


            Tried running the uninstallers yesterday from the Utiltities > Adobe Installers folder and got an error saying that:


            Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 9.27.16 AM.png


            I have already run AdobeCreativeSuiteCleanerTool, so it already deleted CS 6 for the most part.


            I will try the AAM link and your suggestion, however my old AAM is STILL installed.  WIll that make a difference?


            No significant changes were made to this machine between Tuesday April 17 and Wednesday April 18.


            I run the Creative Cloud Services on two of my Macs and on the other one it is working perfectly. (And yes, I did try logging out on the other Mac to see if it was a login issue.  That was the FIRST thing I tried!)

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              lumenmedia Level 1

              Downloaded the AAM from your link, tossed the old one in the trash, installed the new AAM and ran it.  Started up, downloaded all my Creative CLoud apps and they now work splendidly again!


              Thanks for your help, Mr. Kapoor! ...


              But why did this happen in the first place?  I suppose we'll never know ...