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    wait for x seconds

      I just wish the video to wait for 3 seconds before starting, what action script command should I use?


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          that depends on several things, none of which you explained: as2 or as3? can you edit your video so it's stopped when it loads? how are you loading it?
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            xcoldnet Level 1
            OK, the word video is confusing. I just wish to use as2 oe as3 (whichever is the best).

            I want the timeline to hold itself for 3 seconds and after that start the usual play. I am not loading a video, I am using the word video to refer to the normal execution of the .swf file by the flasf player.

            So, with this new data can you tell me how to tell the flasf player to wait 3 seconds before playing the .swf file? thanks.

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              clbeech Level 3
              many ways, use an interval fire after 3 seconds (pref), or getTimer() with an onEnterFrame event and a condition, or simply count the time with onEnterFrame, um... I'm sure others, I think something like setTimeout() ...