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    pre10: add "bars and tone", playback in WMP12, video crashes


      I am experiencing a repeatable issue with mp4 videos created with Premiere Elements 10 (64-bit). Here are the steps:


      1. add a video clip (any type) or still image

      2. add "bars and tone" (or any other specialty clip like Title, Black Video, Universal Counting Leader) to the END of the sceneline

      3. share -> export to mobile phones -> use any of the ipad/ipod presets, then render video

      4. play back mp4 video in Windows Media Player 12. Video will crash with error message: "WMP encountered a problem while playing the file." The specific error code is C00D11B1.


      The issue is repeatable and it doesn't matter if I add title, bars and tone, black video, or universal counting leader to the end of the video, the rendered mp4 video will crash in WMP every time. Video plays without issue using VLC player.


      If I add bars and tone before the video or image, then the rendered video will not crash during playback in WMP 12. The issue seems to be adding bars and tone to the end of the video that causes the rendered mp4 video to crash during playback in WMP. It is strange why this happens.


      system: Windows 7 x64, update-to-date video and audio drivers

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          So it's Windows Media  Player that crashes?


          Have you got the latest version of Quicktime Player? Does it crash when you play this file?


          The file that Premiere Elements is the same, whether your add bars & tone to it or not. So there must be something else going on. Most likely with Windows Media Player. (I assume you've manually gone to Windows Update and downloaded the "hidden" updates, which often include updates to the media player that don't install automatically.)