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    Prevent InDesign loading Document Fonts

    restless_mind Level 1



      does anybody know how to disable InDesign usinf fonts suuplied in a packaged Document Fonts folder?


      We have a prepress department that receives lots files from different design agencies and the majority of these files are supplied as packaged documents. Our users open these files, work on them and then save a new version of the file in a new folder. The next time a user opens these files the fonts are then missing because the dcoument is not located with the Document Fonts folder.


      We use Universal Type Server to manage all of our users fonts which works well as we can then open documents on different machines without any font issues.

      I know we could rename the Document Fonts folder to something like Supplied Fonts and InDesign would not load them but I just wandered if there was a way of disabling the automatic loading of Document Fonts.