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    Question- How to use HDV files in Premiere Pro


      Hello everyone, I am new to using Mac's and the Adobe range as I have just started a course in film and television production.


      I have recorded footage on a mini DV tape, in PAL HDV mpeg format, and transferred the footage from Tape to Digital Hard Disk at University (where it plays on Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5) but it will not respond once I add it to a sequence in Premiere or try to preview on my home laptop. There is no video or sound when I try to open using my laptop (just an empty black bar when I add to a sequence).


      I have tried to find the answer or a Codec but with no success and I am trying to avoid working on the project on campus as I live an hour away and just spent a lot on the computer to avoid such trips.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Also I should add that the files play perfectly when I open them using Quick Time and the update option in Premiere is greyed out (not available)


      thanks for your time