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    Image as drop-down text link -- image doesn't appear

    jaggedpeak Level 2
      (Using Robohelp X5)

      Wondering if anybody has had anything like this happen before and can explain it for me???

      First line of topic is type <h1>. At the end of the line I have an icon that is a link to drop-down text.

      Here's where it gets weird. I compiled the help and displayed the .chm. Looked at the topic, the image doesn't appear, but is clickable (and works properly). Used the 'print' option from the .chm to print to .pdf. The image appears in the .pdf.

      Looked at the code, can't see anything wrong with it.

      Back in the wysiwyg editor, selected the last character of normal text plus the clickable icon, copied and pasted in place (so now have <text2><dropdown2><text><dropdown>)

      Removed <text><dropdown> (the original content), edited the code to use the proper 'name' attribute (because it was modified on the paste), recompiled, ran the .chm, everything displays properly (the image is there).

      Note: I was having similar problems with it earlier, think I fixed it the same way, and everything was okay for a few compiles, then started having the problems again.

      At this point, as far as I can see, the .html is the *same* as it was before, but now the image appears in the .chm. Colour me totally confused :-)

      Anybody have any insights as to why this could be happening?