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    What brand graphic card is better for Rendering?

    mahinthan5 Level 1

      I"m not asking what graphic card. I"m asking about Brand. Most people say for nVIDIA  EVGA is better and stablre. But as a Video editior we need good cooling on the cards. EVGA cards cooling doesn't look impressing when looking. Eccept the Signature cards they are equipped with close type one fan. But i find Gigabyte / Msi / Asus having dual fan and heat pipes. I really don't understand what brand to recomend to a friend who is going to buy a card soon.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I have the EVGA GTX 680/4G Classified and it is overclocked.


          Depending on environmental temps, the idle temp of the EVGA card is slightly lower than the CPU temp when idle. Usually around 31 - 32° C.

          Under heavy load, with GPU loads around 98%, core @ 1175 MHz and Memory @ 3523 MHz, the termp goes up to around 56 - 57° C with fan speed at 52%.  Memory bandwidth is then 226 GB/s. These figures are pretty nice and far below TDP.


          All video cards are about equal, be they from Asus, Gigabyte, EVGA, PNY, Zotac, or other brand. They differ somewhat in clock speeds, amount of memory and cooling solution, but the differences are minor. The choice is mostly influenced by factors like speed, memory bandwidth, cores and # VRAM) in relationship to price and length of warranty. Cooling is not the deciding factor IMO.