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    flash 8 printjob with loaded movie clip

    Davey J.
      Hi Everyone,

      I've got two swf files, the first is called start.swf, and it's my base movie. In start, I have created an empty movie clip at x 477 and y 50 and I've called it page1_mc. My second swf file is called page1.swf, and I load it into page1_mc in the start.swf file.

      Now, I want to print page1_mc without anything else from start.swf. I've created a button called print_btn. It uses the following function and I get a gray rectangle printed. If I change this code to omit the name of the movie clip, and use the location, it works. I have many more of these pages to add, and I want to know what could be wrong. I've tried adding the x and y locations with the x dimension and y dimension, but that still prints the gray rectangle. Any idea what I'm missing?



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          Davey J. Level 1
          i figured it out. i used the named movie clip, but i had to start at 0,0 for position and use the movie clips x and y dims, instead of adding the x and y dims to the loading location on the stage.
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            Hi Dave,

            I was wondering if you might possibly be able to help me with something pretty closely related. I have much the same setup as you - here is my setup (I changed my file names and movie clip names to match yours):

            start.swf (my main environment file/base movie with an empty page1_mc)

            page1.swf (the content of which I am loading into page1_mc in start.swf)

            So far, much the same as your setup, but here is where mine is different...
            page1.swf contains my "real" movie clip (screen1) AND a second movie clip (printable_screen1). printable_screen1 is just a movie clip with the frames I want to print pasted into it and my 'p' and 'b' tags added.

            Here is my actual problem: My print button is in start.swf and I want to use it to print what is contained in 'printable_screen1'. I don't know if your print button is in start.swf or not, but would you have any idea of the code path I would need? Here is the code I have in my 'start.swf':


            _global.p_sec_1 = _root.attachMovie("printable_screen1", "psection1",100);
            _global.p_sec_2 = _root.attachMovie("printable_screen2","psection2", 101);
            _global.p_sec_3 = _root.attachMovie("printable_screen3","psection3", 102);

            _root.psection1._visible = false;
            _root.psection2._visible= false;
            _root.psection3._visible= false;

            on (release) {
            printAsBitmap("_root.psection1", "bmovie");

            Any thoughts you or anyone else could offer would be much appreciated.