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    Premiere Pro CS6 random crashing during editing + not rendering audio effects


      Hey All:


      I'm new to CS6 and I'm stuggling to figure out what I may be doing wrong.


      I'm using Premiere Pro CS6 Cloud on a Macbook Pro with:
      - Dual Core 8Ghz

      - 6Mb cache

      - 500Gb HD - 7200 RPM

      - 270Gb available HD space


      I am doing various simple things for video effects like color keying (greenscreen), putting in new backgrounds, repositioning elements, adding a few titles, and that's about it. (total video duration is 1:25 - one minute, 25 seconds). I have about 15 short clips in the timeline.


      It seems the machine crashes randomly as I'm working. There's nothing specific I'm doing to make it crash, could be repositioning a title, or tweaking a color key setting - it just freezes up randomly, often.


      Also, when I exported the video for YouTube (1080p 29.97) the audio effects did not render properly - the denoiser was intermittent for specific clips. The clip starts off with noise then the filter slowly kicks in, then doesn't for the next clip. YES, my effects settings are such that they are meant to affect the whole clip (no keyframes, etc.)


      Is there a setting in PP I can tweak to give it more power, or is my machine not capable of handling this software?


      Thx in advance for your help.