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    timeline events

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      I am trying to understand timeline events triggering. The API page only list them : play, update, stop, complete, without any further explanation.


      So I tried this : in a symbol containing an animation and a button with click action sym.play(), I added an alert() for each of the four timeline events. This gives the sequence after clicking the button :
      play, stop, a certain number of update, stop, complete.


      Where can I learn more about the event model ? Why this stop event after the play ? What frequency for the update ? Any trail ? Thank you.



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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Timeline.stop is called when the timeline stops.

          Timeline.play is called when the timeline plays.

          Timeline.complete is called when the timeline runs to the end of the timeline (right side as defined in the current symbol or Stage)

          Timeline.update is called when an update event happens in the browser during the course of an animation.  This event is not guaranteed to tick at a specific rate.


          Hope that helps.



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            AMULI Level 4

            Hi Elaine,


            Very important precision. Thank you.


            I must investigate about the update event initiated by the browser in order to figure out possible applications relying on an update event handler. If anyone has suggestions, you're welcome