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    Survey Flash file

    Creyente de Dios

      okay, here we go

      so for all of you who have myspaces, you see bulletins with surveys that people do
      you read them, almost everyone with a different amount of questions

      i would like to make a flash file

      in the flash file it would have a text box for a question and then an input field for the persons answer
      it would have one for every question

      after the person fills out all of the questions there would be a question at the bottom and when clicked, would copy the html code plus the persons answers to each question

      now as i said before, each survery has a different amount of questions
      so on my server i would have a text file and each line would have a different question, which the flash would take and insert into one of the text fields for a question
      but i couldn make a flash file with a set amount of text boxs for question and answers

      so maybe on my txt file the first line could be a number
      for example 40
      and that would mean there would be 40 questions in the survey and the flash file could make 40 input fields and answer text box
      and then each line would be a question

      so for example
      line 1 would be the number of questions
      line 2 would be the first question in the survey
      line 3 would be the second question in the survey
      line 4 would be the third question in the survey
      line 5 would be the fourth question in the survey
      line 6 would be the fifth question in the survey
      and so forth and so on

      is this possible?
      how could i do it!?
      im sure i would need maybe a php file
      but not sure what the code would be and the actionscript

      thanx for your help in advance!