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    Downloading completed form as pdf - text boxes cut off.



      I was very glad to see that we can now download the completed forms as they were designed, however when I chose to download our forms as a pdf the boxes of text as completed by the applicant were cut short so only the first few sentences were revealed. Is there a way to download the form in it's design format but also have all the complete text showing?

      Many thanks for this development, I look forward to being able to use it fully


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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          A couple of things that will hopefully help.  The regular "Text Field" in the PDF does not display all of the text well, but you can use the curser to natigate to the right and scan through the text that way. 


          For better readability of larger blocks of user inputted text you can use the "Multi-line Text Field" instead of "Text Field" for those fields, Mutli-line text fields in PDF have a scroll bar when there is a large block of text.




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