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    OSMF self start playback after system sleep

    ArtemSaraliyskiy Level 1


      We've found an issue with OSMF player: in case you load a page with video, then send system to sleep - after system wakeup playback starts itself. This is valid if you are using f4m file or rtmp stream. Those issues are visible on OSMF demos: here http://www.osmf.org/dev/1.6gm/StrobeMediaPlayback.html there are no issues, but here http://www.osmf.org/dev/1.6gm/debug.html video starts itself after system wakeup. Changing source to flv allows to get rid of the issue.

      Also, if you load page, than start it and pause it - the issue will not reproduce as well.

      Control bar behaves also very strange: playback time and scrollbar are updated according to actual playback, but play button (not pause) is presented. on case i push play - video restarts.

      Systems: MacOS (10.7.5, build 11G63), Firefox 20, Chrome 26, Flash (11.7.700.169); Windows 7: Firefox 17, Flash (11.6.602.180); our cluents also mentioned they have same issues on Win8 under Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.