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    Implementing a 360 pano in Edge Animate

    AmintaAdobe Level 1

      Hi folks!!



      My collegues made a a 360 pano with Pano2Vr and I need to implement direclty in Edge Animate.


      The Html syntax to implement a Pano (via Krpano) is very simple:




      In my case:



        <script src="swfobject/swfkrpano.js"></script>


            <div id="Pano" style="height:100%;">


                embedpano({target:"Pano", xml:"index.xml"});



      All ok!


      But when I try to "translate" this code in Edge Animate, I get (in console) this error:


      TypeError: 'null' is not an object (evaluating 'n.innerHTML=this.getSWFHTML()')



      This is my EdgeCode (in CompositionReady):


      $("<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='style.css'>").appendTo("#Stage");







      complete: init





      function init (){


      embedpano({target:"Pano", xml:"index.xml"});





      style.css code:



      #Stage_Pano {

                width: 100%;

                height: 100%;




      Obviously, on the Stage I've created a rectangle-shaped element called "Pano" (as a Div)

      It seems to me that the parameter target:"Pano" in embedpano() function can't recognize the Div "Pano" created in Edge Stage? Maybe I have to translate the JQuery object in the Dom object? But how?



      Anyone can help?


      Here the complete project's files:





      THANKS in advance for your help!