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    EAM 5.6 jQuery $ alias

    Panasaki Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I am migrating a website from CQ 5.5 to EAM 5.6 and the only behaviour is not working is the use of jQuery Scripts.


      Checking the versions of jQuery I have found that EAM 5.6 uses the $ alias for its jQuery version, that was not happening in version 5.5 that only used the alias CQ and left free the $ alias.


      To achieve my migrated website works I have to change the $ alias declaration in /etc/clientlibs/granite/jquery/source/1.8.1/jquery-1.8.1.js in the line


      window.jQuery = window.$ = jQuery;


      Leaving it in:

      window.jQuery = jQuery;


      With this my website works, but the new AEM 5.6 UI is not working yet.


      Do you know how is possible to configure AEM 5.6 to get that?


      Thank you.