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    Mastering directly to XDCAM Discs in Pr CS6


      Hi all,


      Apologies if this is covering old ground, I did a cursory search but couldn't see a solution.....


      We are in the process of switching from FCP 7 to Premiere Pro CS6 and are looking for a little help refining our workflow. Historically, we have shot mostly on Sony XDCAM format and as such have adopted (for better or worse) XDCAM discs as an archival format. We would export our final sequences through the plugin in FCP 7 and that would be that.


      My question is two fold:


           1. Is there a quick and easy way (plugin?) that will enable this export direct to XDCAM disc ala FCP 7?

           2. How easy is it to create a split track master from a sequence that has already been cut?



      Any thoughts/opinions on XDCAM disc as archival format are also welcome - currently toying with the idea of a flattened quicktime on LTO alogside our projects rushes. We shoot a mixture of C300 and Sony formats these days.


      Thanks for your time - I'm new to the forums so please be gentle!