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    Automation stops at 30 despite using Flash Builder Premium 4.0

    Brad.White Level 1

      I'm a developer trying to release a build to QA. QA is telling me their build is stopping their test cases after 30. This shouldn't be the case.

      I'm running Flash Builder Premium 4.0.1.


      I've included this line on my additional compiler arguments:

      -include-libraries+="${flexlib}/libs/automation/automation.swc","${flexlib}/libs/automatio n/automation_agent.swc","${flexlib}/libs/automation/automation_dmv.swc","${flexlib}/libs/a utomation/automation_spark.swc","${flexlib}/libs/automation/automation_flashflexkit.swc"," ${flexlib}/libs/automation/qtp.swc"


      After initial attempts failed I tried fixing it by following the instructions on this link: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-builder/kb/flex-automation-issues-flash-builder.html


      However the same issue exists where QA can only run 30 test cases.


      Any idea what else I can do other than trying to upgrade to Flash Builder 4.7?