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    Fonts show as missing in InDesign CS6 and now also InDesign CS5.5, but infact are there.

    cidxtwo Level 1

      Company finally updated to CS6, large client's jobs all use Interstate. Yesterday would show as missing in CS6 but worked fine in CS5.5, Today show as missing in both versions but  after exporting as various file types, the fonts are infact there. How does one get rid of the phony error, so I can see "Actual" errors? I handle 10 plus files a day from this client and sometimes they try to slip a new font by us.


      For 16 months I've been loading and Activating through Font Book and have no problems at all until the CS6 install. I've removed and reinstalled fonts, I've tired all Library/fonts folders as well as Library/Application Support folders and nothing resolves this.


      Any help or direction would be appreciated.