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    Photoshop-Color Profiles


      I am working with a user who is having trouble specifically with Adobe 1998 RGB color profile. They are on a mac mini printing to an epson 3880. When they go to print they want to select Adobe 1998 RGB but it is not an option. The .icc file seems to be located in the correct location on the computer. We have toyed with the ColorSync option and assign profile options. Any ideas or explanations?


      Thank you.

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          Adobe RGB is a monitor or colorspace profile, not a printer profile.

          They should be selecting the profile for their printer and paper combination.

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            ITS-Ostate Level 1

            This printer has been hooked up to other macs with photoshop. Adobe RGB 1998 is an option when printing on those macs. Just not this one.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Can you explain WHY a user would want to choose Adobe RGB 1998 when printing?


              If not, perhaps you want to do a bit of research to understand color-management a bit better.


              One of the senior engineers at Adobe is telling you the request makes no sense.  There are few who understand color-management better than Chris Cox.  I suggest you consider his comments seriously.



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                This user assists computer art students in printing there computer art projects. This is what I know. I know this is something the user requires. Part of the reason I posted was to gather more information about the issue.


                He goes to print. Selects this printer. Goes to the drop down menu to select Adobe RGB 1998 as the color profile. It is not an option on the list. However, it is an option for the exact same setup on other macs, same printer and same software.


                I didn't disregard his comments. I just think we misunderstood eachother. So I marked it as unhelpful.

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                  Adobe RGB is not an option for printing much the way that "sky" is not an option for fueling your car: it just doesn't make sense in that context.


                  Adobe RGB is a description of a monitor, or an abstract colorspace.  It does not describe the behavior of a particular printer, paper, and ink combination.  Selecting Adobe RGB when printing does not make sense, because that profile does not apply to printing situations.


                  Epson 7880 Glossy Photo Paper.icc is a profile for a printer, paper, and ink combination that could be selected when printing (assuming you are printing to an Epson 7880).

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                    John Danek Level 4

                    There may be some confusion regarding the post' terminology.  In the Printer Setting dialog in Photoshop, the RGB can be selected as the colorspace, not the Photoshop .icc profile in the driver...


                    Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 04-19-13 ◊ 6.40.57 PM.png


                    The above are found in the Print dialog box.  If I'm understanding the post correctly, he is not getting the option for Adobe RGB.  If that's the case, it may be the driver may have to be updated or perhaps permissions need to be corrected on that particular machine.

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                      ITS-Ostate Level 1

                      Thank you. This is a situation out of my league and the terminology may have been mis-used. The driver is at its latest and the account is an administrator. 

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                        Noel Carboni Level 8

                        Thank you, John.  I had misinterpreted the original post to be describing a desire to use the Adobe RGB 1998 profile as the printer/paper profile, which makes no sense.


                        I don't have this printer, so I don't see the above dialog.  It seems to me this has to do with the printer driver installation more than Photoshop, but I'm not up on how these things integrate on a Mac.



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                          The most up to date driver is installed. Epson has not released a new driver for this printer in about 2 years. The user has been able to achieve this on other macs. I am trying to figure out why it isn't working on this mac.

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                            gator soup Level 4

                            i read this three times and still can't guess what OS version, what version of Photoshop you are using, and what Color Handling option you are using in the print utility, or your Epson driver version


                            it also still reads to me like you are trying to select AdobeRGB as your Printer Profile (already pointed out)


                            if you mean AdobeRGB is your Source profile, that should be noted in File> Print: Color Management> Document Profile: Adobe RGB


                            not sure how anyone could be helpful w/o that info, but try this: