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    Autocomplete does not work (no drop-down-menu)

      Hi all

      I'm trying to setup the autocomplete-input, but it doesn't work. When I type anything into the textbox, the animated image beside the box shows activity and I see the submitted data from the backend in debug mode, but the drop-down-menu with the matching records does not appear.

      if I build a static list of possible choices in the cfinput-tag, it works.

      my cfc returns an array and this is serialized as JSON in the calling backend-template (see code below). In source code view of the html-page, I see lots of java-script and CSS inserted into the page.

      any ideas?

      calling template:
      //Get Query
      locationArray = application.addressDao.findLocation(url.term);

      relevant part of CFC:
      <cfloop query="qLocations">
      <cfset arrayAppend(records, fPLZ & " " & fOrtschaft)>
      <cfreturn records/>

      <cfform action="" method="post" name="editForm" id="editForm">
      Dynamische Auswahlliste: <br />
      <cfinput type="text" name="ziplocation"
      autosuggestMinLength="3" maxResultsDisplay="10"><br />
      <br />