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    Unhiding columns in Formscentral


      Title says it all,


      It does not appear to be an obvious way to unhide hidden columns in the responses section. Can someone please point me to the obvious which I am missing?


      Thank you,



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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          Hi Chris;


          If you have clicked on a column and brought up the menu clicking on "Hide", then you can unhide any of those hidden columns by clicking on any column, click the Column letter/arrow to bring up the menu and there is an "unhide" item at the bottom that expands out to show you all hidden columns.




          If you have a "Filter" applied there is a "Clear" button under the "Save as PDF" and "Filter" buttons that would clear any applied filters.

          Clear Filter.png


          Related to hide/unhide and filters there is also a "Private View" you can turn on and set up and then turn on/off where you can have columns hidden and filters applied in your private view that would not be hidden for others the form was shared with, and that view can be switched on/ff with one click.




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            WaterManagement Level 1

            THanks Josh, one of those "in front of my nose" problems!