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    targeting multiple movie clips

      I have four different movie clips which serve as backgrounds for externally loaded swf's and a respective button to expand each background (basicaly small windows that expand to big windows. for each mc, frame 1 is collapsed and frame 25 is expanded and then 50 is collapsed again where it goes back to 1. both frame 1 and 25 have stop actions). But i can only have one window expanded a time. so the problem is how could i have 'button 1' close whichever window is currently open and at the same time open its respective window. any of the windows could be open depending on which button was pressed first. Ive tried all sorts of nonsense with if statements and _currentframe property to no avail. my last attempted code is below. thanks in advance for any help, im new at this and completely lost.
      - Lac3rta