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    web view option




      I am looking to be able to print out the response forms as they appear in the design tab. I read the instructions on your "help" web page, and was insturucted to use the page view option ( in the bottom right hand corner of the design page) but do not have a web view button/option. Can you tell me why I do not have a web view tab, and how this can be corrected?


      Thank you.

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          There could be one of two reasons you do not see the "Web View"/"Page View" button.  One reason could be if you are signed into the web site or desktop application using a "Free" account, the free account does not include saving as PDF and therefore does not show the "Page View" option since the Free user could not save PDF.  The other possibility is that you are using the Desktop application included with Acrobat XI but have not yet signed into the application, in which case you are designing in Page View by default.


          Let me know if this helps.