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    Accordion - selectedFillColors deprecated

      I was using this property to clearly distinguish the selected header from all others. The default shading difference between a selected and unselected item in flex is too minimal for many of our users. Why has this item been removed and what will be replacing it? And how can I get the coloring I am looking for now.
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          Peter deHaan Level 4

          You can set the selectedFillColors in Flex 3 by using the "headerStyleName" style, as seen in the following snippet.
          Sorry, the docs are a bit vague on some of the replacements, but they've been updated internally and will be fixed in the next documentation update.

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            rbetieh Level 1
            Hi peterd_mm,

            Thanks for the tip, this works for me and is better than I came up with which was a change event handler that looked something like this...

            if(myAccordion.getHeaderAt(newVal) != null)
            myAccordion.getHeaderAt(newVal).setStyle("fillColors", [0xFFAABB]);

            if(myAccordion.getHeaderAt(oldVal) != null)