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    Flex app with swf scrubber fills memory, crashes on garbage collection




      I have a pretty large Flex app that we can't seem to get to a point of stability.  We've boiled it down a part of the app that involves using a slider to "scrub" over a .swf file that is derived from a .mov file.  This scrubbing action, i.e. going back and forth over the frames of the swf, takes up a lot of memory, and either a) causes flash to crash while doing the scrubbing, or b) eventually causes a giant garbage collection that causes flash to crash.


      The scrubbing is done by calling gotoAndStop(frame) on the movie clip as the user slides the slider back and forth.  I've tried decreasing the memory usage by using nextFrame() and prevFrame(), and while nextFrame() seems to perform much better, prevFrame performs much worse, to the tune of 10X worse than calling gotoAndStop(frame).


      I've inserted a screen shot showing the Scout profiling information.  The end of the timeline is when flash crashed, shortly after doing a garbage collection of around 900MB.  As you can see, most of the memory is in the "Uncategorized" uh...category.



      1) what could be sitting in that uncategorized area?

      2) is flash crashing after such a large garbage collection expected behavior?


      4-18-2013 10-47-23 AM.png