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    Stopping movie clip

      My movie clip star is transformed to a spinning star. I want this spinning movie clip star appear from upper left corner of the screen and move to the center of the screen using guide line and stop spinning at the center of the screen. I can make it to stop at the center of the screen but I cannot stop spinning. Can anyone teach me how to stop spinning. I am a beginner of the flash user. Can anybody tell me how I can learn this as well please?
      Thank you very much.
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          DazFaz Level 1
          just a quick and eay one to get you going.

          Create a new box on screen and make it a movie, name it myBox.

          Copy paste the code below and paste it onto the one and only frame on the time line.

          Make the frame rate 50 fps

          myBox._x = 10;
          myBox._y = 10;
          amount = 10
          myBox.onEnterFrame = function () {
          this._rotation = this._rotation+amount;
          if (this._x != Stage.width / 2) {
          if (this._y != Stage.height / 2) {