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    MAJOR PROBLEM. AfterEffects crashing when loading Premiere project w/ dynamically link compositions

    khayyamkhan Level 1

      PLEASE HELP. This problem started happening out of nowhere just as I was trying to export the final copy of a music video for the client. I open AE in the bg and load the project but whenever I load the Premiere project file with , which has nearlly all dynamic link composition on the timeline, it reconforms everytime, all media has to be reloaded, most DL comps go offline, then eventually it hangs and crashes.

      If I load the Premiere file without AE open, it loads a few comps then crashes with this:

      Problem signature:

        Problem Event Name:          APPCRASH

        Application Name:          AfterFX.exe

        Application Version:

        Application Timestamp:          505998cf

        Fault Module Name:          BEE.dll

        Fault Module Version:

        Fault Module Timestamp:          505997a1

        Exception Code:          c0000005

        Exception Offset:          000000000011e6bd

        OS Version:          6.2.9200.

        Locale ID:          1033

        Additional Information 1:          2ccf

        Additional Information 2:          2ccfebe4bd7f6d1a8c1c79d4849a0576

        Additional Information 3:          bcf8

        Additional Information 4:          bcf80234aec2a546f213d5aa32db7fef


      It has been crashing consistantly and in the lucky event that the project loads, if i try rendering, AE crashes and Premiere hangs. I have tried cleaning database, cache, preview files, renaming AE proj to force all offline and then reconnect but nothing has helped. PLEASE. HELP. ME.!!!!! This video is due yesterday!!!!!


      The constant fundamental issues that DynamicLink has are a joke and I cant believe such a buggy system has even been released. These problems have to led to incredible delays and upsets with clients that are beginning to ruin my business. I will be migrating to a Final Cut workflow and will be implementing the change for my whole team if this isnt resolved once and for all.


      ***APPCRASH info has previosuly shown BEE.dll, dynamiclink.dll, and dvamarshall.dll before.

      ***EDIT- dynamiclink.dll crash happens after AE crashes in the bg due to BEE.dll. Then premiere crashes with dynamiclink.dll


      Quadcore i7

      32gb RAM

      256gb SSD

      GeForce Gtx680

      Windows 8