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    Can't Enable Adobe


      Just upgraded my Adobe plugin in Mozilla, but now can't enable it - can anyone help? Thx

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          pwillener Level 8

          What exactly means "can't"?

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            ChadGigg Level 1

            After recently updating my Mozilla, it now won't allow my older version of Adobe flash to work, so I've tried to update to a newer version of Adobe.  Been having nothing but problems getting it to download.  Thought I finally did it, but when I look at my plugin options, I see it's not active.  When I hit the ENABLE option, nothing happens. Thx

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              ChadGigg Level 1

              After recently rebooting, now shows my current version of Adobe Acrobat is  But whenever I try to view a file, like youtube, system tells me my "plugin is vulnerable and needs to be updated".  When I view my Mozilla status for plugins, it tells me that that version (updated in Feb 2013) is okay.  What's going on??  Where do I go now to fix this??  I'm not a real computer buff.....