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    Missing Books from TOC when publishing to RoboServer

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      We are using RoboHelp 9.0.271 to publish WebHelp Pro to a RoboServer. We have been publishing our help this way for over a year. We also create a WebHelp version of the same project that is shipped with the software. The project is fairly large - over 1700 topics and we keep our source in Perforce.


      We just noticed yesterday that some of our books are now missing from our TOC. We are not sure when they disappeared but we do know that they used to be present. The books are still showing in our WebHelp project, just not out WebHelp Pro project that is published to RoboServer. It is only affected a book at the third level so a book inside a book inside a book. They are not consistently missing. Some or not all books at the third level are missing, even in the same main book. There seems to be no correlation between ones that are missing or not missing. We have the project published several times on the server in different areas representing the different releases of the project. They have all been affected in the same way so we believe there is some server issue.


      We installed the patch listed in http://helpx.adobe.com/robohelp/kb/books-topics-missing-toc-webhelp.html. After we installed that patch, when a book was clicked on we got the message, "Loading, click here to cancel". We had to revert to our earlier snapshot to get out of this mess. 


      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. We have run out of options to try. 


      Thanks in advance,