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    Timeline Freezes during Playback

    digitalkiln Level 1

      Hi There,


      I'm having a problem with Premiere CS6 freezing while playing back some clips on a timeline.  I'm reviewing some interview footage and playback just stops and won't start again.  I can still save and close and open sequences but they won't play.  I wonder if it's the fact that the clips are fairly long, they are 20-35 minute ProRes LT clips, and I didn't have this problem in the project file until adding these clips.  When I open the activity montior the QT32 server is still active while the program is hanging.  I've tried a variety of sequence settings, turning off the mercury playback engine but it keeps happening.  My drivers are up to date.  I have to force quit out of Premiere, cleaning cache, restarting and trashing preferences/repairing permissions doesn't help either.






      MacPro 2010

      Quadro 4000

      24G RAM