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    Imported photos immediately have colors "off"

    Ground State

      Probably a very simple problem, but I have just installed the program for the first time and do not yet know my way around it. But when I pull photos in from my digital camera directory, they immediately display a warmer orange hue. However, I have not touched any of the settings at all. If I immediately export the photo, it matches the original on my HD. So there seems to be some kind of calibration problem with the real jpeg colors and the colors on screen in Lightroom. What can I do about this?




      When I hit IMPORT and have the photo selection window come up, all the colors are fine. When I select a photo and actually import it, the colors are orangey. Where the heck is this change of color coming from? All I have done is install the program! I haven't adjusted anything.

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          web-weaver Level 5

          You probably inadvertently have a preset applied on import that is doing this.

          In the Import Dialog, on the right side in the panel <Apply During Import>  in the window besides <Develop Settings> make sure that <None> is selected. If it shows any text in the window other than <None>, click on the small double triangle. This will open a menu in which you have to select <None>. Then try the import again. See screen shot:



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            tictag.two Level 1

            If your immediate exports are exactly the same as the original import then it’s unlikely you are applying an import preset (because the preset would be applied to the export). Is the colour cast apparent when opening the files using other image viewing applications e.g. Photoshop, Windows Gallery etc.


            If so, then this may be a monitor colour management issue (Control Panel > Display Settings > Color Management).


            If not, and this only happens in LR, then check Camera Calibration in the Develop Module. If your images do not have an embedded colour profile, then LR will select one e.g. Adobe Standard, Camera Faithful etc. Perhaps one of these causing the cast.


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              Ground State Level 1

              Two great suggestions, thanks. Neither one of them fruitful, however. No develop settings are being applied on import, and the program is indeed using embedded colour profiles. This is not a monitor issue. Unfortunately LR is the only program currently showing this issue - all photos open with properly set colors in all other applications (including LR's very own thumbnail view prior to actually importing).


              I am truly at a loss. Running Windows Vista 64-bit and made sure to use the proper setup.

              At this point, I figure installing on another computer is perhaps my only option to try. I cannot find a single setting in the entire program that looks suspicious. And as stated, this problem started immediately upon installing.

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                tictag.two Level 1

                The initial preview LR shows is actually an embedded jpg representation of the RAW file (Minimal preview). Only after this is shown does LR then build it’s own preview (Standard preview) by rendering the RAW data. I suspect that it is at this point that the colour cast is being introduced and hence the change you’re seeing.

                I wonder if changing the import preview settings would make a difference? Import Dialogue > File Handling > Render Previews

                Also the embedded jpg is rendered in camera using the prevailing WB setting, whereas WB for RAW files is actually just a metadata setting. LR by default renders the preview using this setting as indicated by the As Shot selection in the Develop > Basic panel > WB adjustment. Could it be that the jpg is being rendered in camera with a different WB to that provided as metadata in the RAW file? This would account for a colour change where no Develop settings are being applied.

                I suppose you could check this by specifying the WB setting in camera e.g. 6000K, then checking that the same setting is passed through into the RAW file by comparing it to the Temp setting in Develop > Basic panel.

                To fix this, you could create a Develop preset to correct the colour cast (Camera Calibration or WB) and then apply this on import using the Library > Import > Apply During Import > Develop Settings feature.

                It might also be worthwhile updating Adobe Camera Raw because I guess this could account for errors interpreting RAW metadata.

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                  Ground State Level 1

                  This problem ended up being a color management issue specifically associated with Samsung monitors. If anyone else digs up this thread in the future and has a similar problem, feel free to email me for more information at putman_jason@hotmail.com