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    Setting up new project in AE

    carolgunn Level 1

      I am revising my first motion graphics project I created a while back. Looking back now at it now, it looks like a really ambitious project to start with--I enthuiastically jumped in with both feet and immediately got in over my head! (Rotating product globe! Orbiting 3-D text!! Exploding type!!!) Here's how it looks currently:

      (BTW, the female VO won hands down!)


      Now I need to go back, revise it and add some more segments. I've got some color issues I need to address, hopefully by (re-)setting it up correctly in the first place.  I want to change the settings on the exisitng AE projects and create the new AE comps with the same settings.


      Method of final delivery will be HD 1080 file on Blu-Ray disc.


      So, how do these settings look?



      --Carol Gunn

      Gunn Graphics

      Ausitn, TX



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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          The settings look okay.  Just a few observations:

          • What are "color issues"?  Was something made in the wrong color, or did AE not render out the colors you expected?
          • You could set the project's color depth to 16 bits if you want, no problem.
          • If you're delivering a video, there really isn't any need to inclue a link to the project file.  Unless you want to or are told to.
          • Uncompressed YUV 8-bit is fine for a codec, but I like QT's PNG codec better.  That'a just a personal preference.  You'll end up compressing it for Blu-Ray anyway, so it's no big deal.
          • The V/O lady had a lot more inflection and energy in her voice.  The guy gave it more of a straight read.  Pretty flat and disinterested-sounding.  If these folks are being paid cash money to talk, I see no reason why with the proper direction, they couldn't have worked harder to do almost identical deliveries.  Then the question becomes one of voice qualities.
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            carolgunn Level 1

            The color issues were a washed-out look that either you or Rick told me way back last September was not an incorrect color space, but more likely gamma shift. So, I figure if i  get it set up correctlly, I'll see if that soves the prob; if not, we'll go from there.


            If I set the project's color depth to 16 bits, then for output, do I choose Uncomprssed YUV 10 bit 4:2:2? Or something else entirely?


            Also, about the output settings, this output will be to import into PR, where I will put it all together. So, as I understand it, that needs to be uncomporesesed, right?


            I need to have the quality of this project hight enough for HD1080, but it will also be posted online. (the link I posted above is just my work-in-progress at my website, not for delivery to the client.)


            Looking back over old Forum discussions i see i tried the PNG codec, and thought it looked "kinda sickly". I'll try it again once I have everything set up correctly.


            I might blame the male's lack of energy in the VO on the direction, or lack thereof, which was me! They are both pros, but she doesn't really need any direction. They are friends of mine, and a married couple, so I told them I was only going to pay the winner. She won 20-1!




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              carolgunn Level 1

              My workflow on this project:

              • Create short animations in AE
              • Render lossless from AE render queue at settings above
              • Import into PR for final assembly
              • Render in AME at various presets (Blu-Ray, web.)


              Sound like a plan? I am really trying to sharpen my axe before I start chopping this time!