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    Pass JS values to a Flex app in a new window

    ChiefRocka00 Level 1
      I figured out how to pass JavaScript values to an embedded swf file, however now I have a different scenario. I have an ASP container application that is going to launch a Flex app. The ASP app handles all the security and users get roles. Upon clicking a link to open the Flex app in a new window, I want to pass along the userid and roles that are stored in JavaScript of the ASP app. I think I need to use ExternalInterface.addCallback on the Flex side but what do I need to do on the Javascript side in my ASP page?

      My JavaScript code in my ASP page looks like this:
      var launchedFlexApp = window.open("/apps/Flex/flexApp.swf","winFlexApp","width=850,height=600")