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    How to add event listener to Embedded flash player


      I am trying to add eventlistener to this video so that can play some video immediately after the preroll_src ends. Using Adobe media server to run an html5 video player that can fall back to inhertied flash player.See the code:


      <div id="videoDiv">



      var html="";


      html += '<embed src="swfs/SampleMediaPlayback.swf" width=';

      html +=xwidth+' height=';

      html+=xheight+' id="SampleMediaPlayback" quality="high" bgcolor="#000000" name="SampleMediaPlayback" allowfullscreen="true" pluginspage="http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer"     flashvars="&src=';

      html+=preroll_src+'&autoHideControlBar=true&streamType=vod&autoPlay=false&verbose=true" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">';

      html += '</embed>';