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    Imac Graphics cards with Premiere Pro cs6

    Philipmcgouran Level 1


      I just changed over to Premiere Pro cs6 from avid and fcp 7/x. I am already sure i made the right decision. I love the interface, i really love it! and cant wait to get stuck into it properly.


      I just bought a brand new, all singing all dancing 27 inch imac full spec 32gb RAM with a NIVIDA Geforce GTX 680MX 2048mb card. However pro cs6 by default is using the “Mecuary playback engine sofware only” instead of the “Mecuary playback engine Acceleration [CUDA] and i cant change it. Does it cs6 not support this card and if so will it in the future?


      Any help would be greatly apericated!


      Kind regards