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    Mixing formats on the timeline?

    Philipmcgouran Level 1


      I just changed over to Premiere Pro cs6 from avid and fcp 7/x. I am already sure i made the right decision. I love the interface, i really love it! and cant wait to get stuck into it properly.


      My question is when i create a new sequence with say ex3 footage, and introduce other footage to the timeline from say a go pro, i have to right click “Scale to frame size”. Do have to do this every time? For ever? Im sure i must be doing something wrong.

      A big selling point for me was being able to throw different formats onto the same timeline. Phlip bloom even  praises this in his “pro” pro cs6 video. I must be doing something wrong???? Please please help! this speed bump is slowing me down!


      Any help would be greatly apericated!


      Kind regards