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    ritch balck discoloring white object

    CoGordo4 Level 1

      Hi everyone. I seem to be having a little problem with indesign and ritch black. I am making a flier that has a black background. The first time I printed out the black was a little weak. So I changed the black to a ritch black c=100 m=o y=0 k=100. Now everything that is white or even slightly transparent has taken on a blue hue. I have done this sort of thing many times in illutrator and photoshop and have never had this problem. I have checked my blending modes and everything is set to "normal" . Does any one know why this might be?  I am using Indesign  CS6  on mac os 10.6.8

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          kbechtle116 Level 1

          If your file is to be printed CMYK, try setting your rich black to 40c30m30y100k. That will give you a nice 3/c gray for the black to lay on top of. Can't say if that will totally solve your problem but that's the formula we always use for rich black.

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            CoGordo4 Level 1

            Thanks for the insight. That mix seems to work well.  It's odd this problem only happens for me in Indesign. When I do similar effects in Photoshop I dont seem to have that problem.

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Applying a rich black is a good idea for going to professional printers. But it's rarely a good idea when printing from a home printer/digital printer.


              I find it best to go the Edit> Preferences and in the Appearance of Black change the output to Rich Black.


              You can then leave the Black as 100% black in the layout - and output to an RGB device as Rich Black.


              NOTE: This only affects RGB devices (regardless of whether it uses CMYK or RGB inks the device is inheritently RGB)



              In regards to Photoshop - it's not the same as Indesign, that's why it doesn't behave the same.