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    Another bug: Running Headers

    TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I know this isn't the place to report bugs, but I don't have the

      patience right now to fill in Adobe's long-winded bug report form. Maybe

      this will help someone who's banging their head trying to figure out

      what's going on with their running headers.


      Take a document with two stories. Story A, on pp 1-5, and story B on pp.

      6-10. You create a text variable (running head based on character style)

      and apply the appropriate character style to a few words in the chapter

      title of story A. Likewise, you apply this char style to a few words in

      the chapter title of story B.


      Now, imagine that story B ends with a very long footnote. So the last

      page of story B only has continued footnote text and no main body text.


      In such a case, what I'm getting is that the running head for that last

      page in story B shows the text appropriate to Story A.


      Weird, huh?


      I have a hunch that the same bug would happen if the last page of story

      B contained only the continuation of a table, but I haven't checked.