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    Pre 10 crashes when starting a new project

    fishmor Level 1

      When I select a new project, or try to start an existing one, pre 10 crashes.  This issue was preceded by an earlier one, in which pre 10 told me I had an outdated video driver, and I did not.  I switched out video cards, reloaded pre 10, and the video driver message is gone, but pre still crashes when starting a project.  Pre 8 work fine, and I downloaded a trial version of 11, and that seems to work as well.  I really like pre 10 and want to continue using it.  I am running Windows 7, a NVIDIA GE Force 9500GT card, 8 G RAM, and an AMD 945 quadcore processor.  I had a PC guy do a clean for me, and he also said there is a VB scripting error on my system that he can't fix.  Suggestions?


      Thanks, Eric