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    Having problems with pencil tool into paths


      Hello, I have been struggling with this problem searching for an answer for 2 days but I just can't find anything so this is my only option I have left.


      I drawed a text with my Bamboo Tablet using the Pencil tool in Illustrator but the problem is that when I draw them it inserts all the paths in a sub-layer (like if they where different paths), here is a picture of what I mean:




      But what I want is for all the paths to be in a single layer like this:
      I want it to be the same way as the picture below, it's just that since I drew it 3 different times in the first one it made 3 seperate paths, so I want it like the image below but in just one layer.




      And that is only possible if I draw straight without spaces, for what I need this is so I can import properly into Cinema 4D without trouble converting into 3D since if I import the .ai file without the paths being in a single layer it disproportionates the text and just doesn't look right so I need the handwriting paths in the first image to be like in the second image (in 1 layer) I've tried almost everything from Pathfinder, Release to layers (Sequence), Merge selected and some other options but nothing seems to do it.


      I would really appreciate if someone could hit me up with a solution since it would be extremely helpful, thanks very much!