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    Unable to configure IIS connector error ColdFusion 10


      I am trying to get CF 10 installed on a Windows Server 2008 IIS 7 machine. I could not get the install to go through. Everytime I tried to bind to IIS All Sites it threw an error:


      "Unable to configure IIS connector. Enable the required ISAPI options(ISAPI Extensions, ISAPI Filter, ASP.NET and CGI).


      I installed as a development version and then added the serial number to see if I could trick it. It did install but when I went into the WEB SERVER CONFIGURATION tool to bind to IIS All sites, it threw the same error.


      I have all the features outline in the error message installed and verified. Has anyone else had this issue. Anyone know of any fixes/workarounds. Could it be a setting in IIS that I am not aware of......any help is appreciated.