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    Cutting out images in indesign, clipping path problems




      I have been putting images of my drawings from photoshop onto indesign for my portfolio,  after looking around the only way I can seem to find to cut them out is using clipping path/detect edges.


      The problem I have is because they are scanned sketches this method produces really inacurate and shoddy results and no matter how much I play around with the threshold and tollerance this means I still have to mess around with the pen and arrow tool for ages on each image.


      Is there a quicker solution to cutting them out like the magic wand or lasoo tool on indesign?

      It has taken days now in in design , I have all the images already cut out from their original pages on photoshop but the white box always comes around again when I drag or place the images in indesign.


      I have been shorcutting some pages and doing layout on photoshop and placing the image behind which works fine sometimes but is really inconviiant when I want to move the layout around text ot anything...... i have attatched some pictures to show you what I mean.


      Thanks for your help in advance


      Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 00.45.53.pngScreen shot 2013-04-19 at 00.45.22.png