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    Flash websites loads to blank screen


      I have for about 2 weeks had problems with my non-profit organizations website. It loads to blank screen, either white or black and thats it.


      Flash works on online games, to me, its just this site that wont work, which is a big issue as we have a major show coming up, the site needs updating and I cant do anything. No changes has been done to it since it was last updated and it was working perfectly then but not now. I have tried on Firefox, Chrome and IE, on Windows XP and Windows 8, and the same result on all 4 computers here at home.


      I have the latest version of Flash Player installed, cleared chache, cookies, Flash player websites, disabled acceleration, updated drivers etc, all that it states for me to do but the result is still the same.


      The web page in question is :



      And my issue is similar  to the one in this thread:



      But there were no solution posted in it so I started my own.