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    pse 9 and intuos 4 pen sensitivity


      Hello all,

      I haven't drawn in photoshop in a while, and I decided yesterday that I would. I connected my intuos 4 tablet to my computer like I normally would, opened photoshop elements 9, and opened up a new file. That was when I realized that the pen pressure and sensitivity wasn't working. Every line I drew, whether I added little pressure or lots of pressure was the same size.


      Since yesterday afternoon until now, I have looked for solutions. So far, I have tried:

      - changing my pen settings (Wacom Tablet Properties)

      - making sure the pen was in 'pen' mode and not 'mouse' mode. (It was already in pen mode)

      - Checked my brush settings on photoshop-- everything was working properly except for the pen pressure.

      - Updating my tablet's driver

      - Changing the nib on my pen


      none of these have worked, so I was just wondering if anyone else went through this problem, and what they did to fix it? I also have no idea if this is a photoshop elements problem or a wacom problem... please help me. I'm on the verge of just buying a new pen, tablet, and photoshop program. -- or even better, maybe I'll just use painttool sai instead of photoshop.


      I apologize if I sound angry or frustrated, it is just that I can't figure out what is wrong.


      Deja Thomas    

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Have you tried adjusting the settings from the options bar. You first select the brush tool and when a tablet is correctly installed you should see the air brush and brush dynamic options (highlighted blue on image below). Try experimenting with the settings otherwise go to the Wacom control panel.



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            papersockie2187 Level 1

            I have tried this, but I will try again....


            Nothing changed, so I decided to look back into the wacom tablet properties (Is this the same thing as the wacom control panel??) Anyway, I took a screenshot of my settings. Is there something I'm missing? Thank you for replying! (:

            wacom utilities 1.pngwacom utilities 2.png

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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Try dragging tip feel towards soft. See if that makes a difference.


              Do you have a Details button? Normally there is a Feel Dialog which gives a graphical representation and shows thickness of pen stroke based upon chosen sensitivity and threshold settings.


              NOTE: detail settings will be overridden by tip feel/eraser feel settings. So try and get the detail/feel dialog correct first and then adjust tip feel only if necessary.